Answering Kids about Faith

“What makes us right and the Muslims wrong?”
“How do you know that we these things are true if you’ve never seen them?”

These are all questions any parent is familiar with. My kids, 10,8, and 6 are always asking me these questions on the edge of doubt. I admit that I get a bit scared with every question. 

This week I had a great conversation with my oldest son that I think would be a help to all parents. It turned on a light for him that gave him much assurance. This is how I explained it to him. 

Mohammed claimed that he was the last prophet and that the gospels had foretold his coming. He claimed that Jesus didn’t die on the cross but someone who looked like him. He also claimed that Jesus is not the Son of God. 

Here is the question we should pose to this self-proclaimed prophet: What proof do you have of the things you say? 

There has never been a document found that prophesied the coming of Mohammed written any time before him let alone in the New Testament. He has no witnesses to his claims about Christ’s death. 

So what about his knowledge of the deity of Christ? More than dubious. 

On the other hand, Christ proved his power to forgive invisible sin with his power to heal the visible human body. Chris proved his deity by his resurrection. We read together 1 Cor. 15:3-6 about the 500+ witnesses who saw the risen Christ. 

Some of these witnesses wrote down their testimony for us. The believers in the churches have always held to this orthodox faith that of the Lord Jesus who died and rose! 

Yes, son, we have a sure faith. It does take faith but it is with great proof. 

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