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The Project North Africa Resource Center offers items for a donation of any size. We gladly offer these resources free of charge. Your donation for this resource from Project North Africa will help us print, smuggle, and mail Bibles, disciple new believers, and plant underground churches all in North Africa.

The Prophet Adam Booklet and CD

The Prophet Adam Booklet and CD

The Prophet Adam (Booklet and CD)- Have you ever wanted to share Christ with your Muslim friend or neighbor but didn’t know how or wished that you had a resource that would help you do it?

The PNA team has been sharing Christ with Muslims for five years in North Africa and North America. One of the results of this experience is this booklet that you can share with your Muslim friend or neighbor. In the CD we explain to you how to use the booklet to discuss the fall, sin, judgment, and the promise of Christ and the cross without an argument and in a way the Muslim can understand.

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