Cultural Separation

Jew or Greek?

This was the big question in those days. Various points were made by scripture that radically changed the perspective of the first church and made them a missionary organization committed to reaching those of other cultures around the world:

1.            The gospel is not only for the Jew but also for the Greek

a.            Rom 1:16 was not making the point that Jews ought to have the gospel first BUT that Greeks are entitled to it as well.

2.            There is NO difference between the Jew and Greek. They have the same God.

a.            Rom 10:12

3.            There is actually NO Jew!

a.            Gal 3:28 states that for someone in Christ, he has a new allegiance. He has no allegiance to his upbringing: Jew. No allegiance to his status: Free. No allegiance to his gender: Male or female. We are all one in Christ.

b.            You are free. Americans are free to believe and say and think and congregate around whatever topic. Muslims are bondmen. They are not free. Would you become a bondman with them? -Moravian Missionaries to Jamaica

c.            Most people don’t want to be missionaries because:

i.            “I don’t want to leave home, mom, dad, etc” One girl even said, “This is the land my forefathers fought and died for!”

ii.            “I don’t want to leave my stuff.” Be honest. You can make more money in America doing almost anything else. If you can make more money you can get a prettier wife, have nicer things, be more respected. Instead of going somewhere we are disrespected to bring a hated message. In Christ, we care nothing of men’s respect.

1.            Phil 2:8-9

iii.            “But women are nothing to them. I won’t put myself in the middle of that culture.” That is why we must. Christ’s message is the only thing to bring a woman up from sub-human.

d.            There is no war or hatred between peoples that lives in the life of a believer Col 3:11

4.            A dead man needs not seek his own good, but seek the salvation of many

a.            I Cor 10:33

b.            I Cor 9:22

c.            I Cor 9:19

d.            Rom 15:1 Bear the infirmities of the weak, not to please ourselves. It’s not about what’s fair. It’s about eternity.

5.            Speaking their language is your only hope for success

a.            I Cor 14:8-19

6.            We have become debtors to those of other cultures since Jesus

a.            Rom 1:14 Jesus left his home to become a Jew so that the Jews could be saved. Now that the Jews had it, it was Pauls debt to do the same for other. Since someone has come into my culture, it is now our debt to carry the gospel.

Conclusion: You can’t truly have the mind of Christ (all wisdom) until you separate yourself from you roots, money, and culture to reach out to people of other cultures.

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