Brothers, We Are Not White Collar Criminals (Series: 3 of 5)

3. Intellectual Property Theft- Intellectual property is defined as a work or invention that is the result of creativity. To steal someone else’s effort or creativity without giving them credit is known as intellectual property theft.

Missions has no copyrights and for good reason. We want every creative idea to be available to everyone and to be utilized to its maximum potential everywhere. But when you get an idea from someone else give them full credit as an ethical standard. Why? Because honor is something that you can give out in unlimited quantities and the act of giving it multiplies it.

Here is North Africa we stand on the shoulders of 120 years of missions history. We also stand arm in arm with other gospel proclaiming missionaries and organizations. To somehow act as if we are doing this on our own is dishonest and damaging to the work.

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