Building Bridges

In the Bible, bridges were often built to build trust and understanding between two different cultures:

1.            Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

2.            Paul and the people of Athens

3.            What other examples in the Bible did a man with a message have to find a common ground of understanding?

How could you draw lines of understanding between the gospel and the following Muslim beliefs? Satan is the great perverter and deceiver. Anything that is good will be twisted into a false system of lies. Now we face a whole life’s system of lies in the lives of Muslims. James 1:21 teaches us not put aside all sin and put in the Word of God. To take away false beliefs would leave a spiritual vacuum. How can we replace false beliefs with the truth of God’s Word?

What is the:

1.            Christian Shahadah?

2.            Christian Salat?

3.            Christian Saum?

4.            Christian Zakat?

5.            Christian Hajj?

6.            Christian Jihad?

7.            Christian Hijab?

8.            Christian Jinn?

9.            Christian Adhah?

10.            Christian Id-al Kabir?

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