Brothers, We Are Not White Collar Criminals (Series: 4 of 5)

4. Falsifying reports- Just last year Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff was impeached for her part in hiding the country’s declining economic situation during an election year. Different reports were doctored to make her look favorable to voters. This is also a highly illegal practice in business. When a business is publicly traded the investors must know what the financial reports and forecasts honestly are in order to make good investing decisions. When those reports and forecasts are doctored people go to jail.

So how does this happen in missions? First, on deputation there is a temptation to make your field of service seem more needy than it is. Another temptation comes once you are on the field. We feel pressured (though no one is pressuring us) to report victories and hide the difficulties and failures.

Are there really no “gospel-preaching” churches in that city or country you are going to? Are you really the first one when we can read in missionary journals past and present of organizations that have started massive evangelistic efforts there? Are there no failures or difficulties? Honest reports are a greater encouragement to supporters and more relieving to us as missionaries than reports that are painted and glossed.

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