Warning to all Missionaries in Business

Still plodding my way through “Tentmaking” I read a quote that was convicting and deserves to be heeded by all young men in missions who are involved in any way in missions. It doesn’t seem like a quote worth noting except read who said it…

“I have my doubts about tentmaking…most tentmakers I know start out doing business and ministry, but in the end it is all business and no ministry.” -Phil Parshall

Phil worked for 40 years with Muslims on the foreign field and around tentmakers. He wrote a number of books on ministry to Muslims and Muslim beliefs. If anyone had time observe common traps, he did.

This week I had an opportunity to buy a business. I really wanted to. My flesh told me, “This would be a great move. More respect in society. More money (possibly) coming in.” But a friend, John Pearson, brought me down to the ground, “Funny thing about chasing two rabbits, you always loose both. Business is a beast that demands to be fed.”

So to my missionary friends, take a little advise and dedicate as much of your heart and time as possible to ministry. When you’re 70 you’ll be glad you did.

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