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Breaking the fast

Hey guys, Aaron was wanting me to share how breaking the fast went with Nader. So Nader's neighbor from Bangladesh, Tanhaul, came for prayer time. In between prayers we discussed what was said and different political and religious ideas. Nader has come to our church (and many others) several times since moving here and has heard the gospel countless times from me and others I know. He said the real difference he sees is the Trinity. I used this as a door to explain one of the main differences is how is forgiveness attained, and went into the gospel. They listened without interruption as I explained the reason Jesus had to die for our sins and were respectful, but disagreed, saying only we can pay for our sins. I gave the illustration of the sacrificial lamb and explained that was a picture of Christ to come. We discussed other ideas after this, before the second sequence of prayers later on. I'm hoping to meet with them again tonight or tomorrow night, as well as my neighbor David. David is starting the Adam to Jesus study tomorrow. Nader agreed to start the study after Ramadan.

I do have a question on praying during this time. They told me I could join them, watch them, sit to the side, or whatever. I elected to pray next to them, but instead of rising up and down, just praying on my knees. I don't want to send the wrong message, and do not believe I did. Just want to get your all's thoughts on that who have been dealing with Muslims a lot longer than I have.

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