Lessons to Missionaries to Resistent Peoples Part 7: Prepare yourself for the comments

Here are some of the comments that we recently recieved from 2,500 Muslims who watched a testimony from a brother here in North Africa:

“Forgiveness of God Oft-Forgiving, if you are Muslim .. You are an infidel and took money to be converted God’s curse on him who does so.No God but God and Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah is no God butAllah, Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah is no God but Allah”

“You were a Muslim but now they gave you money for you become your Lord is the Christ and Jesus the son of God and accept the religion of the infidel but it is no God but Allah, Mohammad is the Messenger of Allahis no God but Allah Muhammad the Messenger of Allah is no God but Allah”
“I want to interview you, O apostate Shurk (one who shares God’s deity with another) I read the Bible several times,  I am a Muslim and I want to meet you, O apostate”
“Talk a lot but you do not say anything. You are ignorant of Christianity. What is your role are in this life? If Christ is God, how did he make himself in the womb of Mary?”
There are many more and uglier. This is just the first ones I translated. Let this create compassion not fear or anger.


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