Lessons to Missionaries to Resistent Peoples 6: No plans of men can thwart the plans of God

If you read the story in Acts 23 you’ll see that 40 men took a vow to kill Paul. That is 40 grown adults who decided that they would not eat or drink until they killed him! I have never had that kind of thing happen to me from one man, let alone 40. I’ve had men mad at me. I’ve had newspapers publish my picture. I’ve had men threaten to do me harm or “turn me in” to the authorities. But, what a tiny thing in comparison. Paul, however, was appointed by God to preach in Rome and God was using these men for his plan.

When you are in a context where the Gospel is violently opposed, it is easy to get scared, to not see any way out of a serious situation. So what to do when you hear of plots against you or wars? Don’t fear. God is using it for your good and his glory. Sometimes you’ll need to get word to the authorities, sometimes you’ll need to get out of town, but God is always working. Just keep moving forward with the Gospel.

He will either:

1. Continue using you where you are

2. Move you to use you somewhere else

3. Take you home to glory

It’s all good!

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