Thoughts on discipleship

So Jesus trained twelve apparently uneducated men. Those men turned the world upside down with the gospel. What he didn’t train, however, were lazy, undisciplined, passionless, wimps completely willing to spend their lives on trivial pursuits. We have way too many of those men. Jesus took uneducated men and educated them in the most intense of educations by the best of professors covering areas of philosophy, theology, economy, and most importantly a lesson covered in no school: Real life faith. 

I am currently working with three men of low education. One finished only the 6th grade and the other two barely scraped out a high school diploma. It is quite a feeling of responsibility to know how far they have to go and I am the one God has chosen to get them there at this time. I feel very inadequate so I have to run back to my professor, Jesus, and make sure I am following passionately in his steps. I pray that it will not be in vain but that God would use these men to change this country and shake it’s foundation.

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