One Year Anniversary

No, we’ve been married longer than 1 year. So what happened one year ago? 

One year ago today my family and I made an emergency flight home soon to find out that I had a large lung tumor. Thanks to God the healer that I am back here continuing to serve in this place one year later. I am glad to not be in a hospital today. If I learned one lesson in this last year, almost 8 months of which were spent in and out of the hospital and recovering from surgeries, I would say that it is to trust that ALL things are in God’s control and work together for good for me. It’s easy to say but God brings these trials into our lives so that we can say it and live it. 

We are not out of the woods with this problem but are prayerfully optimistic. In celebration of this one year anniversary, I had an old friend come visit with his wife and son. Jordan and Tiffany were good sports to dress up in this traditional outfit.

Patlabor: The Movie



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