Rest and Observation

This should be my last post concerning my sister for those of you who are praying because it appears that we are out of the woods, Lord willing. The doctors did a scan with die of her blood flow and found only a small leakage from the bile duct. The key word is small and they are going to keep her under observation and see if the problem fixes itself which they are fairly confident that it will do. They may need to drain the fluids but believe that there should be no need for any invasive abdominal surgeries.

Having the leg surgery behind us and no need for this surgery, we may just be done with everything that doctors and knives can do and now will need to give time for the body to heal itself. The doctors are telling us that she’ll be in the hospital for two weeks for observation of the liver and bile and leg.

The family (both church and physical) are setting up a rotating schedule to sit with her around the clock and take care of their four kids. My wife and I both wish so bad that we could be there. The cross of Christ falls hardest on the family and would be the only thing worthy of such pain of distance in my opinion. For now we will honor her by continuing on with two churches I’ll be preaching in tomorrow, a men’s and lady’s one-night retreat at the end of next week, and all the other Gospel related activities God has called us to.

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