Weekend Meeting Praises

This Sunday we tried having a joint meeting of the two Bible studies that are four hours apart. So we met in the middle with 18 of us. Two of the believers from our meeting in the North were unable to come and three from the south. So that was a bummer but the meeting we had was awesome. One young man who has recently accepted Christ and had contacted our website was there. He won the newest believer prize in our contest. This was his first time to be in a meeting with other believers and sing to God. He was so excited. It was awesome to see. He gave a testimony that made everybody cry, laugh, and rejoice.

Another who was there was Mohammed who is almost 60 years old! (He tops our oldest believer by almost 30 years!)

We met him three weeks ago in front of a grocery store after he contacted our website. It was the first time in his whole life that he had met Christians. He had just become one himself in April after studying the Bible alone for over 25 years! One thing I loved that Mohammed said was that for the first time in his life he has experienced love. He said that in 28 years of fatherhood he had never told his kids that he loved them until now .. now that his life was changed by the love of Jesus.

How sad that he has gone through so much of his life without love. How joyful that he has now experienced love before he passes from this life! Praise God who alone can do such wonders!

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