A Christian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! But what are you giving thanks for? Is it your church? What if you didn’t have a church like many Christians in North Africa? Is it your family? What if you had been kicked out of your family like many Christians in North Africa? Is it your job that provides food for your plate? What if you didn’t have a job like many of your brothers who have been fired for their faith in Christ in the middle of very difficult economies? Is it your health? What if you were dying? 

So what’s my point? A Christian Thanksgiving is one that says, “I thank you Lord for Christ alone! He is my all in all. You can have all these other blessings and give me all cursings and I’ll still have reason to say, Blessed be the name of the Lord!” 
Christ should not be our number one reason for thanks but he ought to occupy so much of our thanks that all other accomplishments are counted as dung.
I heard a man say once that God is God and He deserves our praise and our lives even if he sends us to hell. The truth is that the reason He receives my praise and my life is because I have an eternal confidence in Him that he will NOT send me to hell. His intrinsic character caused him to provide me a sure salvation and his intrinsic character is what will fulfill that promise. 
So have a Christian Thanksgiving and get totally wrapped up in your thanks for Christ alone.
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