Fighting Dreams and Science

Just the other day, I had quite a long discussion with an agnostic-who-used-to-be Muslim sort of fellow. As I tried to talk to him about God’s power in creation, he kept coming back to science and asking for the proof of God’s existence.

So finally, after much discussion and looking at the Bible in Genesis and in Romans, etc. I encouraged him to read the Word for himself. Whether we believe in science or the Holy Book, we need faith to accept what it is that we read. He needed to come face to face with God’s Word, not mine. It was clear that I was powerless to change his heart/mind.

This reminded me of another guy that we know that claimed to have dreams of Jesus Christ. Whenever he would tell his story of how he came to faith in Christ, he wouldn’t really talk about how the Word impacted him but rather he would talk about his 3 dreams. Now he is completely questioning his faith and the Bible and Christianity because he has been directed to some Islamic websites and believes that there may be much more error in the Bible than he thought…

There is a foundation worth building on, and we must start there! What is it?

The Word of God, the holy book [which is how we refer to it in Arabic], the Bible!!!

Do not shun from using truth in discussions with Muslims, or with anyone for that matter! If it is the truth, we should start there. Let us not start by attacking their religion. If we start there, not only do they start listening to you on the defensive – but we can easily become lost and feel that we are doing a good job. If we start attacking a false religion and false ideas, of course we will have plenty of good arguments against falsehoods! But pointing out the flaws in lies and logic DOES NOT EQUAL talking about truth and Christ.

May we just talk about Jesus Christ and the truth. Start there. It can be very easy to think that attacking a religion is the same as talking about truth. IT IS NOT. We have a foundation worth building on. The Word of God is what we must start with, come back to, and build on as we evangelize, disciple, teach, and train.

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. – Romans 10:17


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