Am I ready to give an answer?

Maybe you have been afraid to minister to Muslims because you think their mindset is so strange that you wouldn’t know how to answer. I sat down last week with the first man to believe on Christ from our ministry and went over the questions that he wrote down during the first year after he accepted Christ. I was fascinated to see such an organized list of questions that he systematically has found the answer to. I thought this list would be most helpful to young men who want to minister in a place like this. The truth is that I don’t minister to Muslims much. I mostly minister to new believers from a Muslim background to help them grow and be established in their faith.

Read this list and tell me what you think: Are you ready to give answers to these questions? or do you have a lot of studying to do?

1. Salvation. Do we have it or do we still wait for it?

2. Who is God, who is Jesus and who is the Holy Spirit?

3. What is the moral teaching in Christ? (What does Jesus teach about morals?)

4. Who is Satan? And to which religion does he belongs? And why he is interested in human beings?

5. What does “Zionism” mean?

6. Do Christians believe in Divine Will and Destiny?

7. What does faith in the Lord Jesus Christ give?

8. Do we get saved by faith or by grace? If it is by faith alone then how is it also of grace?

9. Does God create us free?

10. Does “Divine Will and Destiny” allow us to do anything?

11. Does prayer that comes from our heart go to God’s heart?

12. Is prayer the energy that a believer gets his power from?

13. Does prayer let you enter into a fellowship with God?

14. Does the believer grow in faith when he is troubled? And what is the secret in that?

15. Why was Jesus commanding people in the name of God? Is that because God incarnated himself in Him so He is God? And why did God incarnate himself in him.

16. Why did Jesus love his enemies despite the problems that he went through because of them?

17. Is Jesus with us until the Day of judgment even though we do not see Him?

18. Is Jesus ascended to heaven following God’s orders to take care of those who believe in Him?

19. Why did God choose Jesus Christ and no one else for this job?

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