The Accomplishments of the Atonement

Every time I write a paper for my Master’s Degree that I’m involved in now I get so excited that I think everyone on earth ought to read it. Well, I know that everyone doesn’t want to so I decided to tuck it into my website and that you could click here if you wanted to.

This time it’s about The Atonement. This has everything to do with missions to Muslims or any peoples who are under the judgment of their sin. The penal substitutionary view of the atonement is under a lot of criticism especially in the emergent church.

  • Was Christ really being tortured for us by the Father in some sort of form of divine child abuse?
  • Is God really angry at sin and sinners or is he just sad that our sin hurts us?
  • Would the Father of the Prodigal Son really feel wrath towards his sons?

Or maybe that’s not the only illustration that God gave us to understand himself in the Bible. Check it out along with this free e-book by Thom Rainer.

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