Just back into civilization

It is Thursday night and we just arrived to the Southernmost city of the Seven Cities Project. There is a quarter a million people here and no church of any kind underground or otherwise. Many villages around this city with another half a million people most who have never met a Christian. I am just now writing an update because this is the first time we’ve been in a place with internet since I left our base city on Monday morning.We have been through two days of intense rain to get to the dessert. The last two days though have been beautiful weather in this place where it rains less than any dessert in Africa.

Last night and this morning we spent time with a sixty year old man that is more than just another contact. He is Suffian’s distant uncle (I never did exactly understand how they are related but everyone in the village seems to be somehow). He has an AMAZING story. He started listening to shortwave radio almost 30 years ago. About 13 years ago he made the decision to become a Christian and started writing different correspondence courses. Since he lives so far from civilization in the dessert has never been to a church meeting and just met a Christian a couple years ago.

This morning he begged us to come start a church in his village numbering about 7 thousand people if you include the other close-by village. He has 10 kids who he wants to become believers. We helped 3 of them understand their father’s not-so-new faith last night. I think one of them is very close. I cannot be everyone so I can’t go but God is doing great things here and we promised him we will search all over the world for someone to come and teach him and help him start churches in the villages all around him. I think God may be working in Suffian’s heart for him to return to these villages where he has never lived but his parents grew up to start churches. He speaks their Berber dialect fluently and is really beginning to learn to lead since I have been gone over the last couple months.

I have taped the whole experience and hope to make a video to help people understand the great need and opportunity. God is working in the Muslim world and we’re honored to be a part of it.

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