Panel Discussion at the Kanisa Conference

My favorite part about The Kanisa Conference a few weeks ago were the panel discussions. I love listening from impromptu answers from experienced, godly men to some sincere questions. We held discussions on tentmaking, family issues, and church planting all as it pertains to the Muslim fields.

This particular discussion was on Evangelism:

January 8, 2010
Panel Discussion
Church Planting: Evangelistic Strategies
Give a definition of words that you and the people you address use
Ask, “What do you think that word or phrase means?”
Follow up with, “Would you be offended if I opened the Bible and showed you what it means by that word/phrase?”
You have to communicate meaning (make it make sense to them)
Avoid arguments and large group discourses
Let them speak first
Stay focused on the cross and God’s grace in every conversation
Take them back to creation (Start from the beginning)
Explain the Moral and Sacrificial laws
You have to know what type of Muslim you are dealing with before you spend a lot of time with an idividual. Find those who will listen.
Three types of Muslims according to Tony Ghareeb:
1. The Devout – Thinks from the Qur’an
2. The Secular – Worldly and not interested in spiritual matters
3. The Waste of Time – Only wants to argue
Three types of Muslims according to Michael Hajj:
1. Regualars – Secular
2. Religious – Spiritually interested (use friendship evangelism)
3. Radicals – Wast of Time
Ask them where the Qur’an says that we can know that our sins are forgiven
Bring Everything back to Redemption
Arrange multimple meetings with the people you meet and build a relationship
Teach the whole Bible
It was unpopular in some areas to preach the Old Testament because:
1. Israel and God’s relationship with them
2. God ordained killings of entire nations
*Remember is these cases to mention that God chose Israel by His grace, not because of their intrinsic virtue. And He did it for the the nations of the world to be blessed (you and me).

Getting the word out to new contacts
Reading groups (similar to a Christian library)
Spamming for Jesus – get connected through social networks like facebook, twitter, or bulk e-mail.
Media ministries (i.e. internet, television, radio, etc.)
Challenging the churches to reach Muslims here in the U.S.
60% of Muslims in the U.S. are immigrants
Go where Muslims are present – seek them out (,

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