What is our greatest challenge in Muslim missions?

This was the question that Bro. Cushman posed to a panel of missionaries to Muslim peoples last week during the first ever “Kanisa Conference” (Kanisa in Arabic means church so the meeting was about church planting in Muslim countries and people groups). Here are a few of the answers that were most common among the 30 or so who answered:

1. The lack of laborers

2. The apathy of the churches

3. The unpreparedness of the missionaries being sent to practice 1st century Christianity and apostleship(this was my answer)

To all of you who were there, Thank you! It was an awesome time. I heard reports from the Summit in Gatlinburg and the SGI in Detriot that some of you have dedicated your lives to reach Muslims. If this is the case with you, write me at sadiq@injeelmp3.com. I’d love to hear from you about how God did this work in your heart and what your plans are from here.

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