Band of Brothers 1

My favorite military series of all time, “Band of Brothers” is back. Well, at least I am watching it again. So here is today’s leadership lesson:

Lt. Winters: “Never put yourself in the position that you could steal from your men.”

Lt. Winters got a new commanding officer in his company. To get to know the men, the new officer was playing poker with them while still in England as they prepared for the invasion of Normandy. Lt Winters, a generally calm, quite leader did not hesitate to rebuke his commanding officer with the above words.

This quote is in contrast to the leadership example we saw in Captain Strobel who used his men, their success, and their hard work to lift himself up in the ranks and gain prestige. Mutiny ensued and Strobel was sent packing.

Your men can tell when you are using them or when you are sacrificing for them. I was convicted that I may be in the position to gain from the work of my brothers and take from them. May we always be givers as leaders. May our men be taller by stepping on our shoulders and in their strength may we find our greatest satisfaction.

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