Easter Report

We had a great time on Easter Sunday. The word Easter doesn’t mean much to me so I love calling it “The Celebration of the Resurrection” as it is in Arabic. It was by far our biggest meeting yet. We had a total of 21 people in attendance and the majority were North Africans. For one family, it was their first time in a church service. 

We are currently working on starting three home groups in three different cities that are all in their infancy stages. Why are we doing this? One is the city we have been living in since our arrival two years ago. One is four hours south of us in the main population center where we have the most contacts. The other is 3 hours southeast of us and is being started as a result of a friendship with a national brother who just returned from Seminary overseas and has a desire to start a church. He brought three to the group along with he and his wife and we made up the rest. 

All in all we were together for about 5 hours including a two hour service, lunch, and then the Lord’s supper. Please pray for the two lost people who were present: Fatima (Jamal’s wife) and Karim.

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