Praying for Suffian

Thanks for your prayers for Suffian and Gus. (a Latin friend of mine here to learn Arabic who is a pro video editor). They met today with one young man named Suffian and Suffian’s friend. Suffian had contacted and asked for a Bible. Suffian is not yet a believer but Suffian was very encouraged who open they were to the gospel meessage. He gave them both a Bible and MP3 player.

On another note so you can understand that it’s not always good news, one young man named Mohammed who had requested a Bible wrote a text to our cell yesterday. After he had recieved our letter and cd’s int he mail he had received a lot of trouble from his parents. He writes, “My parents are Muslim and are very angery that I am communicating with Christians. Please do not sending anythink more to my home.”

There is a LOT of opposition to Christ in Muslim countries that comes mostly from family. Continue praying that the shoulders of Satan would be continually weakened over the mighty hand of God.

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