Second Lesson

Yesterday I shared the first and greatest lesson I learned from Pastor Austin’s visit.

The second lesson is:
Don’t hold back. Life is short.
For some reason I found myself holding back. Instead of trusting God for the finances, for the manpower, for the wisdom, for the strength, etc I hold back and don’t start things that I know will lead to greater productivity and more souls saved. I guess this is partly from my fiscally conservative personality and partly from my fear of “getting kicked out”. The truth is, I would rather be kicked out for accomplishing something for Christ (or at least attempting to accomplish something) than to stay and waste years plodding along. I have asked myself this question, “I could accomplish X in Y (unknown amount of years) by going all out. Or I could go cautiously and slow down Y by three times, still accomplish X except in Yx3. Which one makes most sense with just one short life in view?”
There are a couple things that I keep rolling over in my mind but don’t just step out and do. Here’s another Pastor Austin quote: “If I were here, I would go for broke.” I guess that’s what Paul, Peter, and all the rest did after Christ ascended.
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