Pray for The Ancient Prophets Outreach

We are starting this week an outreach using a Bible study called “The Ancient Prophets”. It is a series of six lessons about the prophets and how they all pointed to Christ. They are in order: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Isaiah. We take the “God’s Story” film recorded in the North African dialect of Arabic which shows the stories of all these prophets. Many people we know are curious about Christianity but not ready to believe. Instead of shooting the whole gospel at them at once and then having nothing else to talk about, we are going to try to do it in six sessions in order to get the seeker more into the Bible.

To teach each lesson will take about one hour. The video part each time is about 15 minutes and then the rest is question and answer and a conclusion with an explanation of the prophecies and how it meets our need for forgiveness of sin. I taught the first lesson on Tuesday to four guys and this week we are all going to teach this same lesson to an unbelieving seeker. Suffian is sharing it with two guys from his village tomorrow. I and Munir will be meeting with two different guys on Sunday to do this lesson.
One cool thing we are doing with the money that was donated for the mp3 players since we had more given than we needed is that we are buying two portable dvd players. These allow us to take the DVD anywhere and teach this lesson. Please pray. I’ll report more.
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