For prayer

Today they did a bronchoscopy in Madrid and found that the bronchial tube is down to 6 mm which is half of it’s normal width but more than Dr. Starnes in Cincy expected at this point. The Doc here said that the dilations (widening of my bronchial tube every three months) will not do any good and he recommends either just living with the 6 mm bronchial tube (which he says will hold at that width) or having another invasive surgery to fix the stenosis (pinching of the bronchial tube like a bent garden hose). I am waiting to hear what Dr. Starnes in Cincy thinks of this. She is supposed to be calling the doc in Spain today to talk about his findings. Then she is supposed to call me and tell me her opinion.

I’ll let you know when I hear from her. I am not sure if this is good news, bad news, or no news at all. We’re drawing no assumptions yet, just waiting on and trusting in our great God of heaven.

Meanwhile I have a wonderful wife back in North Africa who has just learned to drive stick shift and is venturing out all alone with the car for the first time. The roads and traffic in North Africa are nothing like Europe or America. She is doing great. She actually got rear-ended today by a girl about 20 years old. In the traditional Muslim style of handling things the girl went hysterical for about 20 minutes saying it was my wife’s fault. Right. It’s usually the fault of the person in front of you who isn’t moving, right? So a police officer arrived and this girl continued to yell at the police officer. My wife left the scene since minimal damage was done to hear car while the two (along with a considerable crowd) continued to yell. Pretty proud of her. She’s a tough lady (and beautiful). I’ve only been gone 36 hours and look at me falling apart.

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2 Responses to For prayer

  1. M A Emmons says:

    Personally I feel if you have a 6mm opening, and you are able to breath well, that is Good News!

    However, since I am just now reading this I truly do not have the whole story – God gives us strength to endure many troubles – You are in our prayers! M Emmons – Avon, IN! :O)

  2. Ruth Grubbs says:

    Your comments about your wife made us BEAM with thankfulness for what the Lord has done in her life. From the muslim lady that she met on the corner to the way she handled things while you were away in Madrid. God is definitely proving Himself to both of you and we are very proud of how you are allowing God to use you.

    Brother Steve & Mrs. Ruth