Hespress article, Feb. 21, 2015

Christians Use Facebook and the Radio to Proselytize Moroccan Youth
Moroccan Christians have recently begun an evangelistic campaign aimed at young people through the social networking site Facebook and broadcast under the name “Light of Morocco Radio”. The radio features talk shows broadcasting live openly, by leaving telephone numbers to communicate, and spaces to chat about Christianity.

The organizers encourage Moroccan visitors to contact one of the “mentors” 24 hours a day, about topics covered on the radio like: The Bible, “Halal and Haram in Christianity”, and prayer in Christianity.

Professor Assaruti: “The evangelization of Moroccans did not fade.”

Hespress interviewed an expert on Christian activity, Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Meknes, Dr. Mohammed Assaruti. Professor Assaruti confirmed that this confirms the reality of Christianity in Morocco as many thought that the missionary effort targeting Morocco in the last two years has failed.

Assaruti attributes this targeting of Moroccans for evangelism to a “lack of arrest and deportation of missionaries,  the media phenomenon, and the absence of a political discussion as the oral or written questions in Parliament about Christian evangelism is zero.”

The professor adds that “Christian evangelists seemed to retreat yet that was just a mirage. These organizations are racing against time to overcome the various obstacles faced.”He pointed out that “missionary organizations are making a greater effort to use digital space because of the opportunity to evangelize without restriction or supervision.”

He notices that Missionaries believe that this digital space is not just a new way to evangelize, but a quantum leap that should be invested in for the creation of social connections and strong links between the missionaries and target groups, especially as the number of Internet users in the world is estimated at about two billion people. “

Assaruti stressed that the law prohibits the promotion of the Christian religion. He reported that the missionary organizations singled out the 15 per cent of Moroccans using Facebook. He added that it is difficult to control them even if the government wanted to, which makes it a safe way to spread the Christian religion among Moroccan youth.”

He noted the role played by these electronic means during what is known as the Arab Spring as young people communicate with each other and transfer facts to the world despite the restrictions and censorship campaigns.”

He also stressed that the missionary organization has strengthened its means with telephone numbers for those wishing to learn more about Christ and Christianity, which reveal that the evangelists reside in the country, in addition to more than 15 electronic addresses in order to communicate with the Moroccans, especially the users of Facebook.

Assaruti concluded that missionary activity in recent years increased more sharply than before, taking advantage of advanced technologies offered by modern technology of satellite channels which, and social networks, forums and websites, allows direct communication. Such activity is out of control.

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