Rachid’s Testimony

This is my story of coming to know Jesus. I belong to a conservative Muslim family, father, mom, and 4 siblings – I am the oldest. I  was a normal Muslim who practiced rituals normally without extremism. I was the smartest in my family, I succeed in everything in studies, sports… everything. But I was also disadvantaged from everything. I loved sports, especially running. I won several local regional tournaments and I said to myself this my chance to move my future forward but I stumble because of my father’s opposition. Here is the turning point of my life.

I hated myself and was seriously very shocked by the decision of my father, because in my country employment opportunities are very few, even if you have good grades and a high education level. I said this my chance to build my future , but unfortunately, my dream was aborted before it came true. I continued my life normally, but I was uncomfortable and angry because of my situation.

I started thinking about my situation and I thought that my future was lost. I was about to go down the road of drugs, but my conscience always rebuked me. I worked hard at different job. I got married in 2005.

I had a bad attitude toward Islam because of terrorism and what is happening in the Arab world of killing under the name of Islam. I thought it’s impossible that this religion would be from God. God is the creator of humans. Why would he command them to be slaughtered in this hateful way. All of this created in me a curiosity to look for the truth. I read the Quran, but it did not heal my wounds. I learned nothing but words of attack, killing, polygamy, and more Islamic superstition .

One day I was reading some stories about  the prophets, a small-sized story book was written about the prophet Aisa (the Islamic name for Jesus). I was touched by the story. There is when I started looking to know more about that prophet who did all these miracles. Nobody answered me so I went to the internet. There my journey began with searching, I began to read about Aisa but it seemed the name changed to Yasu’ (the biblical name for Jesus in Arabic). I was confused but  I got deeper searching till I found a website that gives a free Bible.

I emailed the website to get the book and I felt joy in my heart and exited to know more. I never felt like this before. one day someone called me. He was a foreigner named H. I was shaking with fear when he asked me if it was me who asked for a Bible. I thought that it’s a serious and dangerous situation but I told him, “Yes, I am Rachid from A.” After a while my heart settled down and started to feel comfortable. I started telling him about my life and my problems, my life situation.

This man didn’t fully speak Arabic back then (2008), and after several calls and conversations over phone I had a plan to go 12 hours to the North and meet him face to face. Actually I had strong feelings mixed with fear and other things, I decided to visit this person even though my financial situation was tough. My determination to know the truth made me take my wife’s golden bracelet and sell it in order to travel. You can’t imagine the fear I had in my heart while I was on the bus on my way. I was praying even though I did not believe yet and I told the Lord forgive me and enlighten my way. I was traveling the whole night, and despite the distance between the two cities I did not sleep the whole night because fear.

When I  arrived I had strange feelings in the first meeting. I was received warmly by him and two others, one was a North African (S***) and the second a foreigner (C****). My heart started settling down again. On the way to the café shop to have breakfast we greeted each other and got to know names. It was great. In the evening the foreigner started explaining to me who Jesus is and the way He came to earth, and His miracles. Really, I was impressed. I was thinking, “Is this true?” I began to understand the Word and I worked hard on my own to find the truth. He gave me a bible and taught me how to read it. I was so happy there, I stayed there for three days. It was quick but I learned a lot.

I went back to my city. I was confused and I was thinking a lot. I started to read the Bible and I was so impressed. Here was the point of transformation in my life. I felt the Holy Spirit in my heart and I loved this prophet who’s called Jesus. His words and miracles. I was sure that He says the truth, his word were not about violence nor anything harmful to mankind. All of his words were wisdom and righteousness, peace for humankind. He loved his enemies and healed sicknesses.

I took time in searching and thinking  till I came out with the result that there is no true religion  other than this religion. There is no salvation expect this man’s salvation who was crucified for all humankind. Whoever believed in Him will be saved. I came out with this conviction. I now believed and loved Him so much because He is my Savior. He carried all my sins. I was in darkness but I’m now in the light, with my Lord Jesus Christ.

I know that this way is not furnished with flowers of peace but with my Lord Jesus Christ everything is possible, because I am convinced that I will be with him in the day of judgment in heaven. The Lord did not promise me an easy journey but He promised me to reach the destination safely.

Amen, you are my Lord and my God. I give you my life. You are my Savior, your name is glorified in all the world. You gave peace and tranquility. I saw miracles in my life after believing in you. You saved me from sin to be yours. Thank you my Lord. You and not others are my Savior. You are the truth and nothing comes above this truth.

And I want to thank the person who impact my life and showed me the right way and provided me with knowledge, my brother and beloved H**** and  I won’t forget C*** and S*** who also enlighten me toward the truth. I pray for all of you a lot. I thank all of you and I love you all from all my heart.


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