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Dear Brethren,

It gives me much joy to be able to direct myself to you and to share with you what God is doing here.  Thank you for your prayers and economic help.

The month of November has been a great blessing, each Saturday I have been traveling to be able to spend time with some new believers.  The first and the third Sunday I was staying in Sister Harira’s home.  It was a great blessing to be with her and her family.  I was able to speak with her older daughter.  She came to many of the meetings before but there were a lot of problems.  She shared with me how she desires to change and to come back.  The second week I was able to stay in Sabita’s home who is one of the young ladies in the church.  She was not permitted to go alone to the meetings, so then by coming with me; her father would not ask where she was going.  Thanks to God, it all turned out well and we enjoyed a good time with her family.  There were many opportunities to spend time reading the Bible and encouraging each other to keep going.

Femua is growing in the church.  It has been a special blessing to be able to spend time with her as she is able to speak Spanish and has been helping me with the language.  This is a great blessing.  I ask for your prayers for her that her work would not consume her and that she would desire to spend even more time with us.

The 22nd of this month Nadia had a birthday.  She is one of my great friends with whom I am spending time.  We had a small party in her home.  She has many family and economic problems.  I know that God is working in her.  This month I will be inviting her to come to the Christmas meeting.  I ask for your prayers for her that God would touch her heart.

During the week I have been visiting with Fatima, Khadiya, Amina, Turia, Meriam, Ezekia, Hind and Sebah.  I was able to meet a young lady named Kautar.  I ask your prayers for each of them that God would continue to work in their hearts.

I am happy to tell you that Hamima is growing spiritually.  This month there were problems with his parents that want to contract a marriage with a Muslim.  She was strong and did not accept it.  I ask your prayers for her, that God would bring her a Christian husband and strengthen her faith.  Alia has not been going to the meetings as her work is taking all of her time.  She is experiencing many spiritual battles.  She tells me there are many things she would like to change but at times her flesh wins.  She needs many prayers from us.  They are a great blessing and encouragement.

Thank you so much for everything.  I love you in Christ.


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