A Positive Thought to come from the Schaap Abuse Scandal

After reading this post from a good man with a good cause, to sound a warning to Independent Baptists, I felt a great need for encouragement. You know those times when you are at a fork in the road when you are so ashamed by association that you are tempted to cut all associations to avoid more, future embarrassment? I was there this week.

I have been shocked by watching testimonies and reading reports from him and other pastors of years of abuse of power, lavish lifestyles, marriages-for-show, cover-ups, and sexual sin. I was shocked. So, again, dispair. Is this stuff true? Maybe there is just a conspiracy?

Two biblical thoughts, then, I have decided to press into my mind:

1. I am not judge over any of them. They have a master and I am not He. Oh, how fearful for them but liberating for me. There are many good men in that church and from that movement. Many graduates of that school are some of the most godly people I have ever met. Remember them. Think on them.

2. Thankfulness. I am so thankful for my pastor and my church. Pastor Roger Green has been my pastor for 23 years. He has five kids who attest without any pressure at all that their dad loves his wife. My sister is married to one of his sons and can say from 12 years of experience with the family that he is a man of character and a man of one woman. He has preached the Word without going off on any ridiculous hobby horses for over 40 years of ministry focusing on expositional preaching verse by verse and the Gospel of Jesus. In times when men given to their fallen deeds are in the spotlight by the world, the Christian should refocus and not allow the world’s thoughts to control ours. Whatsoever things are good and honest are our thoughts so lets keep thinking on good and honest men. The church where I grew up was a place of safety for kids. I am aware that all men could fall so Jesus is our only standard and if all men are liars, God is still faithful.

So, be encouraged if you are an independent Baptist knowing that you are independent. Yes, be diligent if in any way this abuse of power and people is present among your local church but when you find that it is not, thank the Lord and thank your pastor.

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