Pardon my naiveté

Having not been part of a trauma recovery before I was unaware that complications happen. Yesterday after her surgery Leah was brought out of the ICU into a lower level of the hospital called Advanced Care.

A few complications were experience, though, last night that gave everyone a good scare. The way I understand it, her blood count dropped to 7.3 and they didn’t know the reason. Apparently it could have been from excess fluids being fed to her through the IV, from the leg surgery on the femur, or, worst of all, from internal bleeding in the abdomen. So they gave her two units of blood and another CT scan to check for internal bleeding.

They didn’t find any bleeding (which is the good news) but they did find more bile leakage which they are considering performing a stint on to stop. She was given 2 units of blood and has sustained a hemoglobin count now of 10.3 (which is 1 point below normal for a female).

For now things are looking up. The doctors just told the family that they’re going to put her on solid foods and wait 72 hours before doing anything with the bile. So she has until Thursday to rest in the Advanced Care unit. Pray for her blood count stay above 10. Pray for the bile leakage to stop. Pray for rest and healing.

God has been very good to us to let us keep this wonderful lady around for, what we pray, will be many, many years to come.

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