Preaching Christ in the Biggest Mosque in Africa

Today we were taking a few visitors to see the biggest Mosque in Africa. It is also the biggest mosque in the world outside of Saudi Arabia. During our visit we went to the lowest level where 4,000 Muslims can perform the ritual cleansing before prayer at once at the marble fountains.

The door keeper of the mosque, Sayeed, was a large man with a big smile, a thick green robe, and a red fez covering just the top of his short black hair.

As we left I asked him, “So I have visited your mosque but have you ever read the Gospel?”

“No.” he responded, “I have only heard of it.”

“I’ll get you one if you’ll read it.” I told him.

For a little while I stood there with Sayeed explaining to him how the water that washes the hands, feet, and face of the Muslim cannot wash away his sin which is spiritual and in his heart. I explained to him about the cleansing power of the blood of Christ, the perfect lamb of God.

So Sayeed has a New Testament now, thanks to the efforts a coworker who took it to him from my car. I was especially honored to preach Christ in such a huge place dedicated to the worship of a strange deity. I wonder when was the last time you took the Gospel outside of the walls of the church all the way to the temples of those who are not gods? It is thrilling and I’d challenge you to do it again…soon!

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