What would be the consequences if all who should’ve… didn’t?

Taken from last weeks idea, I wonder what it would have looked like if the disciples at the mount of ascension had responded to the command to take the Gospel to the uttermost the same way we do?

(I understand that the disciples didn’t obey completely and I understand that we don’t disobey completely. This is just for kicks…so relax and think.)

1. The twelve would have waited for the Spirit of God to actually make someone to feel like going.

2. Once one of them felt like it the others would have organized themselves in supportive roles (pastor, board of deacons, missions committee, committee on missionary correspondence, trustee(s), businessmen to give big bucks, etc).

3. They would have set themselves all in a certain town in Galilee fairly central to all of their mother-in-laws so Christmas and even weekly date nights would be possible (after all, we need good marriages, right?)

4. They would have ended up needed to form a Christian day school complete with a full sports program to handle all of their congregated children to keep them away from the soiling influence of the world.

5. Result #4 would have given rise for Thomas to become the athletic director and basketball coach for the newly organized Christian school. (The real Thomas went to India…but don’t we need athletic directors and good Christian coaches?)

6. Oh yeah, and there’d be a church in Judea just like the church they planted in Galilee. Sadly though, it would be the only other one in the world.

7. The movement would have died out within a generation or two.

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