Update on Pastor River in Turkministan

I wrote asking for prayer for a pastor falsely accused in an attempt to silence his witness in a Muslim village. I got this update today:

“Praise God for His answering our prayers. While River is not out of
the woods yet, God’s working in this situation is very evident. The
woman who was accusing River is beginning to back down. Her family has
shamed her and gone to River and said, “if this goes to court we will
witness against her, she is a liar and thief”. Apart from that, the
entire village is coming to River’s side and saying there is no more
honest and caring man in the village than River. Even those who hate
him because of his faith have said in his defense that he is innocent
and a big asset to the community. He has helped every family in the
village in one way or another at some time in the past 4 years.

God is being honored as the village is God’s Light in River’s life and it is
in stark contrast to the Islam of the region. Please continue to pray
as this situation is far from over. Even though this situation seems
to be at a village level only, if there are others involved from
higher agencies or powers within the country it will still go forward.
He is not out of the woods yet. Keep praying.”

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