Trip Update

I’ll be updated daily here for the next two weeks while on the trip. I won’t mention the real names of places and people but you should be able to follow along.

Today I arrived at the end of the singing. I LOVE singing to the Messiah in this language with these people! I can’t tell you how awesome it is to praise God together with persecuted believers in a house church. You gotta come sometime. Maybe even volunteer a few years like a young lady Sally (not her real name) who got a job and returned here after her summer internship with us. She told me about a girl named Hayat who she has been sharing Christ with!

My partners and the national preacher we are training are all doing a great job. I am so blessed to work with such a great team of people. There were five of us foreigners tonight and 5 national believers. Saturday we’ll have a meeting in the other house church with around 5 different new believers. That may seems small (and it is) but I was telling the church today how just four years again my family and my co-workers family arrived in this city with no one, not even any church to welcome us in this church-less city. Since then all of those sitting here tonight have accepted Christ and grown faithful in the walk with Christ! Their lives have been changed forever and so has this city! I am honored to have had a small part in this work of the Holy Spirit in one of the darkest places in the world!

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