I’ve never had a grandkid but my parents say they are better than your own kids and everyone knows why: you enjoy them for a moment and then pass all the problems of raising them to their parents.

About six months ago, Suffian, one of my sons in the faith, began Bible studies with another friend by the same name. Together I helped Suffian develop the a six step Bible study that would lead someone from 0 knowledge of scripture to understanding the wonders of salvation by grace through faith in the person and work of Christ (just that sentence alone is six lessons full at least). And Suffian lead his friend through those lessons and answered his many questions.

Well a couple months ago Suffian #2 called and let Suffian #1 know that he had taken Christ as his Savi0r! That’s great! But we didn’t hear from him for two months. He dissappeard. Then he calls last week and this week came to his first church meeting. He was so excited to be with brothers in Christ and professed his saving faith in Christ to all present. It turns out his family had gotten just a little furious with his new faith and had destroyed his cell phone (on the which he had Suffian #1’s cell number).

Suffian #2 is the second new believer this month who is facing real persecution from his family for his faith. We are so happy to see that for both of these young men, their difficulty doesn’t succeed in dissuading their passion for Jesus. Please pray for more grandkids!

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