Reason #2 that we must take the Gospel with boldness to NA immediately

At SGI this year I presented 8 reasons we needed to flood North Africa with church plantering disciplers for Jesus. This update from VOM reminded me of the second reason:

vomso_201002_02_pastor_email.jpgTerrorists threatened to kill Pastor “Hakim.” His relatives pleaded with him to go somewhere safe. But God called him to minister in Iraq. Pastor Hakim and his wife trusted God more than they feared for their safety.

ne Sunday morning while Hakim was driving to work, three armed men confronted him with guns drawn. They ordered him to stop, but Hakim knew to stop the car meant he would die. Instead, he gunned the engine. The terrorists opened fire, and three shots hit Pastor Hakim. Later, at the hospital, his Muslim doctors said it was a miracle that none of the bullets hit a major organ or artery. After the shooting, Hakim continued his ministry in Iraq.”

In a number of Muslim North African countries we don’t see agressive, consistent violence like this toward Christians. Many will use the excuse of danger for not going to a Muslim country with the message of Christ. Why don’t we go then, when we aren’t in any real physical danger?

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