If you take the “team” out of teamwork, what do you have?

Right. Just work. Today I am here alone as the other three guys on the team are travelling. So I arrived to the office this morning at 8:30 like every morning and what did I find? I don’t even have keys to my own office! I never thought I’d need them. I am doing things all day with paperwork and correspondence that the other guys are usually taking care of.

So I am learning how much I appreciate them by there absence. Time for a day off of team mountain climbing when they return with some lamb sandwiches to celebrate just to say thanks.

I am involved in something much bigger then myself: a team of men with like hearts. Outside of my immediately family there is nothing that makes me happier than working with a team of men whose hearts God has touched.

Have you thanked the people working on your team today? Have you shown your thanks? That’s job number one for me this week.

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