Hajj, The Fifth Pillar

Islam has five “pillars” holding up their faith and allowing them acceptance with God. The last of the five is the Hajj (pilgrimage) to the holy sites in Saudi Arabia. Our neighbor just returned from a month long visit to Saudi after finishing his first Hajj with his wife. Last night for over 3 hours we listened to chants from “holy men” that he had paid to come to his house.

I talked to his wife today for a little bit about what they did for a month there. There are apparently six stages of the Hajj. Each one representing some ritual that will provide the pilgrim with more opportunity for foregiveness with God by expressing his extreme dedication.

Mainly she complained about the black people and Bangledeshi for how they push around the Kabaa. A few people died this year in the rush to complete the seven turns. Read HERE about the seven stages. It is simply amazing that so many millions of people are living in such darkness to hope that God will forgive their sins for these pagan rituals.

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