Mexicans in West Africa!?

This update just came from Project North Africa’s newest missionary to North Africa. It is from Vicente Garcia who just arrived in October to work with Keith Shumaker. Project North Africa is a fund (not a board) organized and managed by missionaries in North Africa of varying boards whose common goal it is to mobilize Latin Americans to this mission field.

From Vicente:

“I thank God for this privilage to be able to write you and send our greetings hoping that they find you in love and harmony.

Thanks to God He has blessed us in a great way. I must thank you for what you hav edone for us. This month of November in our church we had a campaign on missions. It was a great success. We had Pastor Ake from Ivory Coast preaching. Some made decisions were made in giving and going.

As the week on missions ended, Bro. Mamadou from the church of Missionary Keith Shumaker opened a church at the edge of the city in a district called Sonre. The church was kicked off with a three day evangelistic campaign which was a great success. Many people in this area speak the Moray language. We were able to show the Jesus Film in their language as well as pass out many tracts. Many who had made decisions for missions were able to start with this new church plant. 16 people were saved by the grace of our God.

Concerning us, thanks to God we are improving daily in the language. We have five hours of class per day from Monday to Friday. These last two weeks we have been learning how to witness. We thank you for your prayers in this. The first week of November we were able to move into our new house. God has been tremendesouly good to us. We are very happy and excited in the work in Burkina.

Prayer Requests:

  • That God would continue using us
  • That we might quickly learn French
  • That God might use Bro. Mamadou in the new church
  • That my wife’s family might be saved.
  • For the Shumaker family, our missionary partners
  • That those who accepted Christ this month begin to grow.
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