Of Plains and Mountains

I had a roller-coaster conversation with my surgeon in Madrid today. He called me to confirm our appointment for tomorrow. He had previously told me to prepare for a 200 euro fee but on the phone he told me that it would be more. Specifically it would be 1,500 euro! Wow. As soon as he told me that he offered to do it at the free hospital. So we went from $300 to $2,250 to free! I was thanking him for the outcome but it left me thinking about the roller-coaster of emotions he had put me through.

We often see our lives as mountaintops and valleys. Just like that phone call in miniature our days, months, and years are like that call…only longer. At one moment we feel like it couldn’t get any worse (huge medical bills, car breaks down and no money to fix it, interpersonal problems, etc) and only a few weeks or months later we feel on top of the world (bills paid off, new car, a lost person comes to Jesus). With each valley come anger, depression, or fear and with each mountaintop comes joy and excitement. Why do we experience these roller-coaster of emotions? Because don’t have God’s perspective on time.

Reading Ps. 90 yesterday I was reminded that 1,000 years is to God as yesterday. Interesting that the Bible says yesterday. Not only is 1,000 years as one day but it is more specifically as YESTERday to God. Or the day that is already passed.

While an ant sees a huge mountain, I plains. Why? My perspective.

I am in a bit of a difficult time right now but do you think that God is experiencing the low emotions that I do? No. Because he knows the solution is only seconds away though for me it is months or years away. I feel HUGE setbacks while God feels nothings. While I am hyperventilating, God’s doesn’t even see a problem.

Why don’t we ask God to help us deal with our valleys and mountains from His perspective?

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