The Tedious Work of Training Fishermen

Jesus told Peter, James, and John, “From now on you will fishers of men.” in Luke 5. I read that the other day and a few thoughts came to my mind:

1. What a huge shock that must have been to the religious elite. They called disciples of the most educated to be MORE seperated from men not surrounded by them like a fishermen is his fish. Remember Peter had just been in a boat full of fish. Now Jesus was saying he’d be soon surrounded by men, sinful men, sometimes much closer than he would want them.

2. Peter left everything. What a counter cultural move. Today if a man had just made a million (like Peter did when he pulled in that huge load of fish) we would tell him that he should do business as missions! God was blessing him in business! But Peter left the profit sitting in the boats and followed Jesus. How badly we need men to leave any desire for earthly gain and follow Jesus! Even missionaries (myself no exception) can be lovers of money. Let’s leave it and follow Jesus!

3. Jesus was about to embark on a huge job: Transforming ignorant fishermen into preachers, disciplers, administrators, and world class leaders. What a frustrating job that must have been day by day trying to break the solid molds engrained into their minds.

Right now I am training a few to be fishers of men and it is tedious. God give me patience and realize how much I need to still learn.

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