4th follow up trip

My friend C from Latin America and his wife are leaving in the morning for a 4th follow up trip to the capital. They’ll be meeting with the three new believers we’ve been discipling as a team and hopefully meeting two or three new contacts. Two hours down the road the train stops for half and hour. During that time he’ll meet with Kamal, a national brother who we are helping start a church 2 hours east of that point. He’ll be handing off to him MP3 players and 20 Bibles that we smuggled over the border last week. Kamal will also be following up on three or four MP3 requestors in his region this week while C is following up on the others.

Kamal is a particular blessing since he has just arrived back in the country after attending Bible college the last four years. He has a real heart to do something for God here in his natal country as does his new wife. They arrived back in the country about 6 months ago. We are partnering with him in many ways. We help provide him materials, contacts, and training. We are planning on meeting the three groups (from our city, Kamal’s city, and the capital) this Easter. This will be our biggest meeting yet, Lord willing, of PNA church plants.   

I want to thank Steve from Calvary in Ashland, OH for his recent gift that is allowing us to make these follow up trips. C didn’t have any money last night to take this trip tomorrow but hadn’t told anyone but God. I got an email from Steve letting me know of the money he had sent to help with this project. So this morning I gave C $100 to help with his trip. That’s when C told me of this answer to prayer. Thanks to all of you who make our ministry here possible.

The fragility and infancy of these works couldn’t possibly be overstated. We don’t know how long the Lord will allow us to minister in this country so we are training two young men full time for ministry. So much to do. We need your prayers.

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