I love Mommy, I love Daddy, I love Jesus

So my son started school last Monday. Tuesday when I dropped him off at school I asked his teacher how he had behaved? “He is such a smart boy!” She exclaimed. She continued, “Yesterday as soon as you left he said, ‘Teacher, teacher! I love mommy, and I love Daddy, and I love Jesus.'”. Well, I was already proud of my little Jesus-lover. Then she told me, “He even asked me, ‘What does the Bible mean?'”

Now I was confused. Why would he ask that? He knows it’s God’s Word the Good News. Later my wife figured it out. He got some new DVD’s for Christmas called “Bible Man”. It’s like a Christian action movie for little boys. I dude dressed up in tights and fake muscles quotes Bible verses to defeat his enemies. So my son is loving “the Bible Man” and apparently his references to Bible Man were misinterpreted by his teacher as, “What does the Bible MEAN”. That’s hilarious. 
Last comment. Just got back from a trip doing a follow up on a contact who is becoming a good friend. I’ve put him on to reading the New Testament through. I asked him if he had any questions and he stated, “I am convinced that I need to swim.” He was speaking English to me and not knowing the translation for the word “Aamad” that he read in Arabic he translated it literally. I am sure he though to himself, “What word in English means to go under the water?” Instead of ‘be baptized’ he came up with the word ‘swim’. My wife understood him but I sat staring at him for a few seconds until my kind wife translated his meaning. I have to admit I laughed WITH him. Lord willing he’ll swim soon. 
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