Big Days

This last week we saw our first Sat. TV program that we had developed aired in North Africa and the Middle East. It was pretty awesome to watch that happen. I am sitting in my living room right now watching some Arab Christian programing for kids that’s just great. Hopefully we can produce some more and better programs that will be a blessing to the Christians and Muslims of North Africa.

Please pray for Sunday. We will be baptizing two new believers. We are super excited as it has been our dream ever since God first birthed this vision in our minds to baptize new believers into a local church. This is only part of our Lord’s command but maybe the most visually memorable one. I am amazed at the wisdom of our God to give us an outward step of faith to go along with the new birth that happens on the inside. He knows how visual we his creatures are. It is a real labor to teach these guys that their baptism is NOT their salvation. 

From the outside of the church it seems like someone isn’t REALLY a Christian until they are baptized. The Bible doesn’t have any examples of people who waited months or years between faith and baptism. It would have been much easier for those in the first century to determine their “day of salvation” since it wasn’t any different from the day of their baptism. At any rate, we have managed to lay a firm, biblical foundation of what salvation, the new birth is and how it comes about in a person born from above by faith. Again, our wise God makes salvation very clear in his Word so no man can confuse the blood of Christ with the water of baptism. 
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