The Feast of the Sacrifice

Happy Lord’s Day to all! We had a great one. Ten of us in total met this morning. Sufian and Kaisar preached on the resurrection of the Christ. We have just finished our study of the book of Matthew after almost 10 months. I missed 7 months of it but we’re back again ready to go. 

The Feast of the Sacrifice (Aid Al Adha) or as it is known the Great Feast (Aid al Kabir) is upon us. Last year my family and I were in the States speaking at some conferences and missed this holiday so we are excited to be here this year. Here is what happens:

-Each married man will buy a sheep this week and on Tuesday morning slit it’s throat to the words, “B-ism-allah” (In the name of Allah). Then they will eat the heart, intestines, liver, and other organs for lunch. In the evening they eat the head and legs. This lamb costs about $300 and so many stores don’t sell meats for at least a week after this holiday as there is much left over. 
-For many this is an opportunity for family to get together. There is no prayer offered or reading of the Koran. For most, this has a religious significance dating back to Abraham. They are always surprised to learn that Abraham was not the first prophet to offer up a lamb sacrifice. The first to kill an animal was God himself to cover the sins of Adam. This offers much opportunity to share the gospel. 
-Everyone will be traveling tomorrow back to their homes. The immediate family will meet on Tuesday and then extended family will get together on Tuesday night and Wednesday. 
-Christians often will participate in this holiday as it is a family time. Others choose not to in order to show their new faith. Mohammed, one new believer meeting with us, is not traveling home so we are going to do a sort of a “Christian Aid”. I am not sure how that will go since we’ve never done one. We’ll see. 
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